The class was tough for

The class was tough for sure! I feel that Randy genuinely cared about my success. His teaching style was great! At times funny and entertaining, no sleeping in his class.

Darlene Novak

Quality CPR Instructor Training

I attended a 2-day CPR Instructor course and was unsure of what to expect. Randy (instructor/owner) did an excellent job of presenting the necessary information in a fun and efficient way. The objectives were clearly outlined and we met all objectives by the end of the course. Randy was very engaging and truly enjoys what he does as an instructor/educator. He uses real life scenarios and interesting facts that really open your eyes and mind to the necessity of CPR training and skills. I left the course feeling confident in my new role as a CPR Instructor and I would highly recommend The Pulse Provider to anyone seeking certification.

Natalie Simons, RN

Great instructor

Had a great time completing the First Aid class. The instructor was very informative and had a lot of first had experience at first aid that helped. I highly recommend this course. He took time to answer questions that we had plus make it enjoyable.

Thomas Holmes

Great class

The class was a great and worthwhile class to take. Everything was presented in a clear, understandable and professional manner. The stories that were told, all the different scenarios we ran through, helped to equip me to be ready to help someone in distress at a moments notice.
Thank you!

Judith Schrock

Hands on Learning

This course was very interactive and informative. The instructor did a nice job of showing and testing students on how to react appropriately in different scenarios. A face-to-face class allows students to hear many real-life emergency stories and discuss appropriate responses.

Carrie Becker

Not your normal safety meeting!

Thanks for working with us on getting our CPR/First Aid/AED training for our facility. I appreciated the way you kept things interesting during the class and including a lot of stories that explained real life experience and not just class information. This training will be a benefit to all of us who took the class!

Conrad Schrock


The course was easy to follow and our instructor made certain we all were comfortable in teaching the knowledge he had taught us.
After completing this class , I am more confident in my skills as an instructor and look forward to teaching.

Holly Wood


I have been teaching other classes for over 14 years. I came to this class with an open mind and learned some new tactics to teaching from Randy. He is one outstanding professional and mission oriented instructor. When you sign up for a class from The Pulse Provider you are making a great decision. The classes were enjoyable and full of hands on. I learned a lot in Randy’s class. He is dedicated and passionate about his teaching. Well worth the time and money to take a class from The Pulse Provider. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for an outstanding First Aid/CPR/AED instructor class.

Carl Charpia

Instructor CPR course

Randy was absolutely amazing!!! He was very knowledgeable and kept the class on task and was very entertaining along the way! I would highly recommend him!!!

Susan Springer

I’m ready!

Randy is a great Instructor! He went above and beyond to make sure that we were prepared to train others. I will recommend Pulse Providers to others! Thank you!

Valerie Burney

Effective Hands-on Learning

This truly was “Instructor Training”. Knowledge of the American Red Cross Standards and Objectives was an expectation of all participants from the beginning. This class focused on teaching participants to lead a classroom of students effectively and efficiently through the First Aid/CPR/AED material. The hands-on practice followed by peer and teacher feedback was very valuable.

Carrie Becker

Great instruction. I learned a

Great instruction. I learned a lot from the Scenarios session

Sahashah Key

I thought the instructor was

I thought the instructor was intentional about teaching to the standard and objective for what a professional Red Cross instructor would be teaching in a CPR/First Aid/AED course.

Instructor does a good job of balancing seriousness while having fun learning.

Be prepared to learn alot !

Highly recommend Mr. Feesler if your thinking you may want to get into the field.

Steven Edward Dyer

Great class

I really enjoyed the class. I definitely learned a lot and feel very confident in my ability to teach a class. Randy did a great job keeping the class on task but still manged to let the class be fun and relaxed. We were all able to share a few laughs even though the subject matter was handled in a serious manner. I am very glad that I was part of this class. Thank you, Randy, for your patience and encouragement. Would recommend your class without hesitation to others interested in becoming a trainer.

Karrie Fritz

I really did enjoy your

I really did enjoy your class! You are a great instructor and person. You gave positive feedback when needed, correction when needed and also great examples to bring everything together.

Mija Clanagan

I am so happy that

I am so happy that I took the course! The instructor answer any question that was asked. Very laid-back environment and he was very approachable to help any way possible! I learned so much and cannot wait to teach a class

Tiffany Horn

Great Training

I just completed a two day course with Randy to be a Red Cross Instructor and the training was great. Class was never boring and it was full of knowledge to last a life time. I hope I never need to use the skill I learned in class in real life, but if the situation arises I feel I have the vital skills needed to save a life.

Rodney Parson

The New Trainer Feels Well Trained

Randy is professional and easy to work with, as you navigate the waters of CPR/AED/First Aid. He has plenty of equipment with which each participant has an opportunity to gain confidence and comfort, while they learn. His manner is very approachable, and he expresses that he just wants to be there for your success. I would gladly train with him, again.

Jamey Groetz


Thank you for the great job of instructing the staff on CPR/First Aid and AED. We really appreciate the instructional knowledge passed on to us as we work with our students next school year.

Tabitha Brunner

It was very well presented.

It was very well presented. I don’t have one negative thing to say. Very well done.

Jonathan E Kolb

Excellent Training and Service

Mr. Feesler provided CPR training to our organization. He is a professional who connects with his audience/classroom with effective, time sensitive materials. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Theresa Eberwine


I really enjoyed this class and would do it again (if I had too)

chassity wellman

Excellent Training

I recently took an instructor course from The Pulse Provider (Randy) and it was an excellent and positive experience. Randy is very detail oriented and personable which made the experience both fun and informative. He provided a lot of insight into practical application and conveyed the information in a manner that was easily digestible while still underlying the degree of responsibility that is contingent with this training.

Matthew Paul Bahnsen


First I can’t thank Randy enough for helping me through the registration process. I was having difficulty and he was even encouraging and patient throughout that process. I wasn’t sure what 2 days of non-stop CPR was going to be like. Randy was engaging, entertaining, informative and friendly. Thank you so much for all that you have done.

Lorraine Wyatt

Such a great class!

Such a great class! Randy was engaging and fun while also clearly portraying the information we needed. I learned a lot while also having a good time.

Brianne Froese

great class

I enjoyed the class a lot. Our instructor kept things rolling and interesting. He was well organized and knowledgeable. He made the class fun.

Cynthia Cline

Our CPR training was comprehensive

Our CPR training was comprehensive and because we knew each other it was fun too! There was a lot of material to review- and the video was excellent and very current. Randy was extremely knowledgeable and he took the time to practice with each of us. Was great to each have our own dummy to work on in groups and individually. Baby training was essential as almost all of us in the room are grandparents. So glad we did this!

Patricia Cornelius

Wonderful workshop!

My husband Jimmy Acord and I really appreciate learning to do CPR from you last night, Randy. You gave us so much information and made sure that we all absorbed it. Many thanks for all your work in teaching us to do this properly.

Susan Shie

Amazing experience!

Randy is a very informative and supportive instructor. He guided us through all the steps meeting the learning objective, he was humble enough to come down to everyone’s learning standard which most instructors don’t do. I am glad I took this class with Randy, I am very confident in my skills and knowledge.

Abiola Biriowo

I think the class setup

I think the class setup was great and very informative.

Marquita Oliver

Senior Driver Trainer

In the past of taking the CPR/First Aid Class. I never made it through the class due to my own personal experience of giving CPR for the first time to my only child and she didn’t survived. I must say Randy Feesler you are a very good Instructor and I’m glad I took the course.

Tanya R Jones

Very Informative without being overwhelming

I found the class to be very informative. I was able to gain the knowledge that will allow me to be an effective instructor. I was initially nervous that the class was only two days and it would be to much information to learn in such a short time, but Randy made sure that all the areas were covered. Upon leaving the class I feel that I have the knowledge to grow my business.

Selena Brown

What a Great Class!!

I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for letting me join your classes on Aug 8th and 9th. one of the best classes I’ve taken, very organized and professional. Randy you were very knowledgeable in your teaching and not once was you not able to answer a question we had or explain something better to our class. Even though we were all nervous you somehow made us feel relaxed. It was a very educational and fun course. Thank you once again for taking the time to make us instructors. Have a great day. Elaine Moore, Carrollton OH

Elaine Moore

The fun in learning the importance of life saving skills

The class was very educational and the teacher made it a fun experience but at the same time was getting us into life saving mode and to be prepared at anytime for any and all types of situations.Thank you Randy for teaching this class you made it fun and yet gave us the knowledge and taught us all the skills needed to obtain these credentials of CPR and FIRST AID.

Pam Dowling


Very knowledgeable instruction that was not hard to understand and follow. I would highly recommend “The Pulse Provider”.

Catherine Frederick

Wonderful Experience!

I learned so much during the two day session on CPR/AED and First Aide. I liked the pacing of the course, and the large amount of hands-on practice that was provided. It was a great way to learn how to save lives!

Brittany Campbell


Randy is a great trainer and I learned so much from him. I would highly encourage anyone interested in becoming an instructor to attend Randy’s class. He made the two days we spent together informative and light hearted.

Tiffany Ziegler

Awesome Teacher

I would rate Randy with an 11 out of 10 stars! He kept the class engaged and interested. I would recommend Randy as an instructor any day of the week. Well done and thank you so much for the experience

Lucille Vietta Mozingo

Excellent class.

It’s difficult to sit in a classroom all day but Randy kept things interesting and fun.

Alisha Sanderbeck

Great Experience – Professional & Fun!

Randy did an excellent job throughout this two-day course. The information was presented well, and he kept the class moving at a steady pace. Very professional, but interesting and fun at the same time. Thank you, Randy!

Sarah Elizabeth Anderson


RANDY, After being in the Environmental Health and Safety field for over 16 years, I was pretty confident that I knew a lot to be able to instruct my company’s former and current employees in the things they needed to know to be safe and aware on the job……. then I came and took your class !! You instructed me on things that I wasn’t even aware I was doing that was hindering their progress. Example, prompting the class in certain areas, terminology, allowing the class to answer questions completely before I inform them if they are right or wrong . all things that I didn’t realize I was even doing . I knew I talked a little fast, but wasn’t aware how it affected the class and their understanding of the material until you set me on the straight and narrow. I greatly appreciate all the advice you gave in the courses. you have helped me so much in becoming a better instructor and teacher of the material. Tough, but fair and honest in the grading of my teaching abilities!! I will take all that into my classes in the future. Again, Thank you , you have made me a better instructor in my field. Thanks Ebby Phillips Safety Mgr – IGS Industries


Excellent experience.

The instructor training course was an enjoyable experience. Randy Feesler is a very thorough and knowledgeable instructor. He makes learning fun and offers a lot of pointers and tips for student engagement and for how to make teaching a positive experience for both students and instructor. I look forward to attending future classes and would highly recommend The Pulse Provider.

Sheri Buckingham

CPR training

Your course was very informative and enjoyable. You can tell that Randy really likes teaching and sharing about this subject matter.

Darlene Beck






I have done a few of these and this was the best yet. I think the relatable stoies helped

chris palmer

Randy was great.

Randy was a great. He very knowledgeable and delivered the information where you can understand. He did not make you feel bad for making a mistake and always was positive even when correcting you. He also had a lot of patience.

Deontra R. Owens

Great Class

What a nice change? So may classes that I have attended are boring and by about an hour into those other classes I count the minutes until the end. Randy was fun….. I mean fun. I think we both ragged on each other in equal manner. That’s just it. You were extremely professional, extremely knowledgeable and a lot of fun. Thank you so much for your time, talent and smiles. Denise

Denise Turchiano

Essential Life Skills presented by an excellent trainer

We are grateful to have had Randy Feesler from The Pulse Provider come to Queen of Heaven Parish to conduct CPR and AED training for some of our parish staff and volunteers on 2/26/20. Randy was extremely knowledgeable, and we had the additional benefit of his past experience as someone who has worked in the field as an Emergency Medical Technician. While I hope that no one from our parish family experiences a life threatening emergency while at church, I am confident that those of us trained by Randy will know what action to take if it happens, and possibly save a life.

Sarah A. Weber


The CPR/AED class was very informative and professionally taught. Having the opportunity to actually practice what we were being taught was of great value. Prior to this I had no idea of
how an AED machine worked, let alone how to operate one. Even the CPR rules have changed since my last class over twenty five years ago.

I would recommend Randy’s class to anyone who wants a great learning experience.


Dave Weigand

Dave Weigand

Best Class Ever!

Have taken 2 from the Red Cross many years ago, but this one was the best. Very informative and great one on one. Thanks to our good teacher! Enjoyed it all.

Judi Ninni

Good course

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Randy was tough but I think it really helped all of us get to know the course better and become great instructors. I like Randy’s teaching styles. It was very enjoyable.

Kalie Jenkins

Great Class

I was so impressed with the way Randy ran the class. It was not easy I’m sure because of COVID!! I learned by doing !! I like the way he had us lecture, then teach and execute skills, and then finally learn to prompt; It worked magnificently !! His methods worked very well. After practicing a little more and having cheat cards, I will really feel ready!!!

Johanna Laeng

the greatest class

I was very impressed with how well the class was conducted. Randy was very informative and knowledgeable on all the subjects. He kept the class fun ,enjoyable and educational together. I would recommend anybody whom would like to become an instructor to learn from him.


This young man was very knowledgeable!!

Mr. Randy was exceptionally patient and extremely knowledgeable. He taught to where it was very clear and understandable. (for anyone)
His feedback and coaching was right on target. (at least for myself)
I’m walking into teaching my classes with everything He has taught, and the confidence to do so. I can’t thank Him enough.

Naomi Collins

CPR instructor course

I was very pleased with the quality of the class instruction despite being in the midst of COVID challenges. Randy did a great job of incorporating the new mandatory measures to protect us all, while ensuring that we had all of our skills to meet the requirements as instructors. The class environment was relaxed while being structured enough to keep us on track. It was an “easy” class to take and time flew with real life applications in addition to the book requirements giving us multiple levels of personal learning opportunities.

Regina Proper

Finger on the PULSE

Having just completed the American Red Cross Instructor Course, I would want everyone to know that I can sum up the experience in one word. Amazing! Randy is an awesome source of knowledge, energy, and guidance. This is hands down one of the more rewarding classes I’ve taken in my career. Lots of energy and interaction, with just the right amount of levity and friendliness to keep things moving at the perfect pace to absorb the information in a very supportive environment. I really can’t say enough, but if you ever need FA/CPR/AED training, PULSE Provider should be your go-to!

James Meyer

Good class. Well organized

Good class. Well organized and moved along quickly. Randy understood the students had various backgrounds and skill sets and worked to make everyone comfortable. Interaction among class members was encouraged, which enhanced the value of the learning experience.

Cliff Sinopoli

Excellent class!

This instructor course is well organized with clear and concise coaching during teaching sessions. Randy is a great listener and is very patient, understanding, and supportive during the learning process. I feel empowered and motivated to teach CPR/AED and FA the right way and confident my students will be well educated on the skills required to provide a helping hand during an emergency



Angela Natole

Phenomenal Experience

Randy is a Phenomenal instructor who knows his material, and does a great job keeping his students engaged during the class. I highly recommend the Pulse Provider for trainings!

Brandon Hatchette

Take this course!

Randy was a very motivated, organized and informed instructor. I was hesitant to take the class but I am so glad I did. Randy kept the class moving while still teaching us to be instructors. He took the time to explain how to teach the class with COVID restrictions and made sure we all understood the material and how to access assistance when needed.

Tamara Thomas

Better Than I Hoped For

I honestly was really stressed out because I didn’t know what to expect. However, Randy was super nice and made the class entertaining and enjoyable. Thank you so much for making my first BLS class enjoyable.

Tiffany Whytsell

I really enjoyed the course!

I really enjoyed the course! Randy was a great instructor and made me feel comfortable and confident with the material we learned that day. If anyone needs to get certified or is interested I am definitely recommending him as an instructor!

vanessa ryan


one of the only classes I’ve ever taken that I wasn’t bored to death. Instructor was alive and full of energy. The humor mixed with the professionalism really made this course fun and enjoyable. Will be returning.

Zachary Liberty

Great experience

Randy did a fantastic job engaging the class while focusing on skills acquisition. Highly recommend..

Lisa M Hamilton

Best CPR/First Aid Class

Randy made the class enjoyable and educational! I usually dread having to do it every couple years, but that was not the case today. Thank you!

Kristen Campagnano

Great follow up to the online class

Randy was very professional and he made the class interesting. He gets to the point and and does a great job of reenforcing, through actual practice, all the principles I learned online.


I learned a lot. The course was engaging and informative. I’ve taken many CPR/First Aid courses over the years, and this is the first time I’ve walked away feeling confident that I could step in and help in an emergency. Highly recommend.

Emily Smith


The in person class was extremely complete and well organized. Randy is an terrific instructor and made the class fun.


Great teacher

Fun and easy to follow

Amy craigen

Excellent Instructor

I could not think of a way how Randy could possibly provide a better class.

He was very prepared and informative, capturing my attention at the beginning with his fact that 1 in 7 who are certified will use their CPR training. He mastered the challenge of staying on task, while also being entertaining throughout the presentation. He went over various past experiences he faced, and also set us up for likely scenarios we may encounter.

I have taken CPR/first aid training several times over the years, and he was by far the best instructor I have had.

Bobby Irwin

CPR instructor course.

Hello my is Derek. Like to let you know that Randy did a very, very good job instructing the First Aid/CPR Classis. He touch all the topic. Showed the class how to instruct a class. There should be a lot of instructor like he. He taught how to be very good instructors I learn a lot. thank you Randy Feesler.

Derek Pace

Thank you

The instructor class was well taught. You did a great job with the diversity of students in the group and getting everyone through the training.

Devon Smith

Exceptional Instructor

Randy Feesler was one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure of meeting. He is very organized, keeps things light, and provides constructive criticism and positive feedback to everyone. He is a model instructor, knows his craft well, and I would highly recommend taking his class.

Pam Wheeler


Randy was very impressive as an instructor !! He knows so many facts , which can be intimidating ,but the way in which he presented his facts put me at ease and helped me learn !! Randy took his time and ensured that each and every student in our class was equipped with the knowledge and confidence that was required to succeed. This was by far one of the very best classes I have ever taken in my life. This means a great deal considering that I am an RN and have a train the trainer certificate.


Great class.

Great instructor – very responsive to questions in-person and via email and text. I liked the online class as you could work at your own speed but calling in to the main number (not Randy) took a while.

Angela Klingfus

ARC First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Course

Randy is hands down the best instructor. Made a long two-day course enjoyable and ensured that we were all confident and proficient to become First Aid/CPR/AED instructors.

Thank you!


Awesome Instructor and Class

great job teaching the class and keeping everyone involved

Justin Chaisson

This class was great! Randy

This class was great! Randy was completely willing to work with me on my schedule so that I could do the class if I needed! I feel very confident in my first aid and CPR skills.

Tami Adams

Amazing Instructor

I’m a certified personal trainer and had to renew my CPR certification for my business, Tenacity Nation. I’m a very outgoing and social person; however, I was very nervous since some instructors are very serious in class and it makes you more nervous doing the class. Randy was awesome! He started out showing us a clip of a show that made us laugh and definitely made me relax. He was very knowledgable and he definitely pointed out when you goofed up, but he made the class fun and non-stressful. I truly enjoyed the class and will definitely go back to The Pulse Provider for all my future CPR/First Aid/AED certification renewals. Thank you Randy for making the class very enjoyable and educational at the same time.

Michele Pugh

Instructor course

Great course, excellent instructor. I would definitely sign up for any courses provided by Randy. Many of these types of courses can be dry and very boring. NOT this one.

Sean Schmidt


My instructors were knowledgeable, skilled, and amazing in the courses taught on becoming a ARC Instructor. Class didn’t feel like class! I met great people and Randy gave me all the positive criticism and compliments for me to feel confident in becoming a ARC Instructor. Will recommend!!!

Carrie Smith-Lofton

Wonderful Classes!

Thank you so much for two great days of instruction. I admit, I was not really looking forward to coming in for class, but that all changed once we got started and Randy started teaching class. He kept everyone engaged in the content, and he definitely gave us the skills, ability, and confidence to succeed. He’s a great instructor, and I will definitely recommend him and The Pulse Provider to my supervisor when I see her on Monday. Thanks again, Randy!

Denise Kollar

Great class

I thought the class was well taught and very informative

Charles L Wilson

CPR Instructor


Romonica Boyd

Very informative and accommodating

Randy was so great!!! When I signed up for this class it was an online course but I had made this mistake of thinking it was hands-on and in a classroom setting! Randy called to get a bit more information so that we would be set for the class and after chatting with me was able to make the classroom setting happen for us! He provided incredible information and made our learning environment fun and comfortable! I’d say he went above and beyond to help ensure a great experience!!! Thank you so much Randy and Pulse provider!!

Thresa Venables

Adult CPR First Aid Instuctor Course

I thought Randy was an excellent instructor. He was very organized and very thorough. He gave us time to absorb the material and was patient with me when I floundered. The day went by fast! I would definitely recommend him as an Instructor Trainer in the future.

Christine Ward


I thought the instructor did a great job with everything in class today. During scenarios he made it feel like as though it was a real life situation, which has prepared me for the future. Overall, he did an excellent job!

Anna Shaffer

Awesome learning experince!

Randy Feesler was an awesome instructor, his teaching technique helped me leave class feeling confident and secure, that I would execute the mission of teaching and performing CPR to its standards.

I would most definitely recommend Mr. Randy!

Ciani Albert

I had a great time!

The class was really fun, lively and exciting. The instructor had a sense of humor and knew how to keep things going. And most importantly I learned so much. Not to mention I met 6 very awesome people. Including the instructor. I am grateful for this opportunity to advance my career. And to now offer this service to my students.

Patese Tate

A great experience!

I can’t say enough positive things about my CPR instructor training experience with Randy from The Pulse Provider. He was responsive and helpful even before the classes began. He was able to save me time and money by offering to provide my basic CPR certificate as well. The class sessions were engaging and everything that you would hope for to become a proficient trainer. I highly recommend his services.


Not your typical First Aid Course

Randy was very informative and related a lot of what we learn to real life stories he’s witnessed. His presentation was quick and to the point, I always enjoy a bit of humor to break the ice! I particularly liked the challenge he gave me during our small individual test of our CPR and AED skills. He happened to change the language of the AED to say the directions in Spanish, although I haven’t spoken it in years after learning it in high school, it made me learn that I may not have the exact help I asked for when it comes to an emergency and to still listen and be ready to do the best I can. And maybe keep up on my Spanish a bit. Randy knows his stuff and it shows he really cares. I’d recommend his training to anyone!

Kylie Thompson

Great Course instructor and information

  1. Big shout out to Randy for being so patient and guiding us through the teaching process, The course was set up for easy learning and retention.
Stephanie DeArment

Excellent Course and Instructor

My husband and I took the First Aid/ CPR/ AED course for the first time. The in-person portion was great practice in applying everything learned during the online portion. Randy, the instructor, was very clear with instructions and techniques and took care to make sure each of us were going through each step properly. He was also willing to answer any questions we had. The hands on experience helped to practice and become comfortable with the techniques and I am now confident I can help someone in an emergency. Thank you!

Lisa Wallen


I really loved the class. Very informative and good information to apply for preparation for my learning.

Theresa Jackson

This class really taught me

This class really taught me a lot about first aid and CPR and the instructor was very nice and I would recommend people to his class

Ravon Wise


I’ve been in the health care field for many years so I’ve taken this class many times before but this was by for the best one yet I got everything I needed the instructor had such a great personality made it very easy to ask questions he was very engaged in the class kept it light hearted and fun at the same time taught so much information he made learning fun and stress the importance of CPR etc anytime I need to renew my training I will always look him up. Thanks Randy Feesler you were truly awesome.

Artesia Hawkins

I had an awesome experience.

I had an awesome experience. The instructor made the class fun, and I learned a lot. I took it in the morning and already have recommended the course to 2 people by the afternoon.

Josh Zehentbauer

Great Review. Randy was a

Great Review. Randy was a great teacher and the classed really honed my BLS skills. I feel like I am now very comfortable with BLS skills.

Jacob Taber

Great class and instructor!

Great class and instructor!

Christina Jones

This is the one!

The training was smooth and given in a clear sequential manner maintaining engagement with physical action, real life reason and ensuring understanding. Time flew by! Great instructor and a memorable experience! Thank you
5 star rating

Gwyn Quesada-Roll

Randy was an excellent instuctor

This was a great way to renew my BLS CPR Certification. The blended course was an excellent option–the online portion took about 2-3 hours to review and had good video examples to back up the training learned. Randy was a great instructor for the in-person portion, he used real life examples and was a visible expert in the field. It was a thorough, well-taught course and I recommended it to my colleagues as well.

Erin Lippe

Instructor Course

This course was excellent. There was a great balance of instructor explanation, practice of skills, and practice teaching. We were given a lot of tips for our own teaching. Also, I needed to pump because I breastfeed and this was allowed to do and didn’t hinder the class or my own progress in the class.

Bethany Regner

Very informative and fun class!

Very informative and fun class!

Julie Garrison


Mr. Feesler is an articulate, friendly, down-to-earth instructor whose ability to relate to the class was outstanding. My comfort level with him was ideal. He motivated and encouraged the class to learn and have trust in their ability to convey the subject matter.

John Mahinis

Awesome instructor!

Randy was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional with the First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Course! You can tell that he is very passionate about what he does and goes out of his way to be sure that we understood the objectives of the course. Personally, he encouraged me to be more confident speaking to small groups. I hope to be as great of an instructor as he is!

Keisha Sykes

Great Instructors

Great instructors, a two hour class didn’t feel two hours at all. The class was kept moving and lively! Great job. Other BLS classes were snoozers. This wasn’t
Thanks again!

Elizabeth Rothgery

Blended Learning Advantage

The Pulse Provider Blended Learning ADULT CPR/AED/First Aid Course was hands down the BEST renewal experience I have ever attended. The Course was a well-planned and organized combination of self-paced study and hands on review and practice.

Barb Galaszewski

Great job

The instructor’s were excellent
Very hands on and friendy

Earl john gates

I thought the acoustics in

I thought the acoustics in the Red Cross basement training room were such that it was a little difficult to understand Mr. Feesler. I thought the part of the CPR training that simulated an emergency and Mr Feesler observed each student critically and individually was very effective. Lastly, I would appreciate not receiving marketing telephone calls or emails from Pulse Provider. I have noted you are a source for future training I might need.

Don Calvert

great course

This course is very informational and hands on. The time flew by fast because it was engaging. Great video clips and demonstrations to help learn and retain the information. I would attend again.

Cynthia Cline

Great class

The class was excellent. I have done numerous cpr classes over the last 45years and this was one of my favorites. It was very informative. Randy was knowledgeable, able to impart that knowledge, and extremely pleasant. It is clear that he enjoys his job. I would readily take one of his classes again.

Eileen Scott


I partook in the blended learning for the First Aid/CPR/AED course. I knocked out the online portion the day before in about 2 hours. The in person part taught by Randy was fantastic. He did a great job of explaining different scenarios and what to do. Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting to get certified in a timely and thorough manner.

Simon Gardehl

Detail oriented instruction

  1. He was a really good instructor really knew the material. Made sure we all knew our skills and could perform them and teach them. I appreciate it what is his organization and his attention to detail. I feel ready to teach
Rosey Malkin


Wonderful instructor, I learned a lot and feel confident as a trainer. Randy did great!

Amy C Phillips

This was probably the best

  1. This was probably the best CPR course that I have taken. Very organized, energetic, and fun. Will probably renew with thru this if I’m still in the area. Would definitely recommend!
Karen Nichols-Skoff

Very thorough.

  1. Very thorough.
Tracy Kendall

Great experience!

Great experience!

Ashley Algarin


  1. I had instructor Randy and he was so straight to the point, easy to understand, and made the course FUN! Thank you Randy! I feel ready for any urgent scenario I come across.
Catherine F Pozzuto


I thought the class was just as fun as it was informational. I am happy to have a new life skill for work the real world.

Jillian Elizabeth Netzel

Exceptionally professional block of instruction.

Exceptionally professional block of instruction. Very easy to follow and understand. The online portion was actually pretty good, better than I previously experienced with blended courses. Well done.

Great Instructor

Randy is a great instructor who truly wants to see everyone succeed! His down to earth, laid back teaching style is refreshing and so easy to follow!

Brittany Peoples

Randy was fantastic! He was

Randy was fantastic! He was relatable and clearly able to follow content. We got through the material and adding humor along the way!


I’m a first time BLS. After the completion of this course I feel absolutely confident to save lives. I will be renewing with The Pulse Provider again in two years!

Stephanie Brown

An excellent user friendly course

The blended concept is so very functional for the course content and the nature of the material.
I appreciate being able to view the course material at my convenience.
The in-person training was concise and to-the-point. Very professional yet personable. Good job Randy. Mission accomplished. I have begun to recommend this course already.

Gwendolyn Byrd

Great Class

This class was efficient but thorough. The most important points were stressed over and over to really solidify them. Randy kept the in person portion of the class engaging. This is the most confident I’ve felt after completing a CPR class.

Serafina Cain

Excellent Course

Amazing instructor. Engaging, knowledgeable. I left feeling very prepared for an emergency situation.

Christina Marshall

Dental Hygienist

Very Well organized , thorough CPR course. Taking the Exam online was more beneficial then in class. Hands on with demonstration by instructor along with group participants also very beneficial.

Karen Stilla

Great course, Very well put

Great course, Very well put together. Great instructor! Keeps the class moving and does a very good job helping with tips and tricks to better help you when you are going to certify others. Highly recommended!

frank caputo

Great Class, Great Instructor

Needed to be certified as a First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor for my work, I signed up for Randy’s Instructor class through the Red Cross website. Class was great! Ample training opportunities, great training aids, ensured all students were on track, professional and tested thoroughly. Would highly recommend his classes.

Jeremy Ambrose

Great, friendly and informative

The 2-day class was great a definitely worth my drive from Pittsburgh! We have limited recourse in PA for instructors, and a nurse I know and I am so glad I know have the knowledge to get out there and start teaching here. He demonstrated all the skills and prompted us to just learn the information then it will be second nature.

Lashawna R

Randy was extremely knowledgeable and

  1. Randy was extremely knowledgeable and a very good instructor. he helped with my confidence and made it easy for me to learn and accomplish the mission to teach these courses.
Ben Dages

Professional and Informative

Great skills course strengthening confidence for emergencies. Randy was Great!


It was a very informative

It was a very informative class and hands on teaching was great.
It’s down to 1 day which is even better!!!
I feel well prepared to reach others CPR/FA!


Randy was an awesome instructor/teacher.. very easy to connect with and he did a great job teaching/presenting/demonstrating the BLS/CPR training

Joel Danzig

Excellent Class!

Randy Feesler is a great instructor. He made the class fun and educational. I have boosted my confidence to handle an emergency if one ever arises. This is a great life skill that everyone should learn! 5 Stars!

Keri D


I have been a State tested nursing assistant for 30 years.
This was the best CPR training I ever done. I walked away feeling confident in a way I never have before. The instructor was fantastic! Thanks for making the class fun and make us all walk away knowing we can perform life saving CPR!

Tonya Beery

The class was very well

The class was very well done. And gave me confidence to perform cpr.

Judith A Kochman

Most Engaging CPR/First Aid Class

This was the most enjoyable CPR class I have taken because Randy made it relevant and engaging. He made it so we had to think on our feet and encounter a variety of first aid scenarios. He is very knowledgeable and instilled multiple ways to think outside of the box to provide care. I would highly recommend The Pulse Provider and look forward to returning in 2 years to update my certificate.

Tammy Berg

The Best

I’m not one to give a good review unless I really believe in something. I took the Pulse Provider course two years ago, just before COVID hit us . Two years certainly flies by and I was so thankful that I still had Randy’s card. He makes his classes interesting and he is extremely professional. His goodie bags are awesome too!!!! It’s nice to be able to interact with an instructor that is on the same level as his students. Randy is not one of those instructors that talk down to anyone. He is kind and considerate and ALWAYS encourages questions. He is the guy that makes you feel comfortable and still delivers an excellent class. I’ve now had two courses with The Pulse and God willing I will see you in two more years. Great job, Randy. Keep up the good work.

Denise Turchiano


Randy Feesler was my instructor for the infant and adult First aid/CPR/AED course. He was phenomenal. He paid attention to everyone and was kind and patient and personable. He seemed experienced and passionate. Learning with him as an instructor made me feel prepared. Thank you.

Polina Kisileva

freaking awesome

Absolutely loved it. I need a little guidance with online course. Instructor very easy to get a hold of. Response time was amazing. Very understanding and helpful.

Naquana l Bell

Good Job

Had a good time learning. Was a small class and the instructor was well prepared and loved his job. Would recommend to anyone!

Paul Hartman

Great class!

The way this class was set up was very informative and increased my confidence in being able to run the program as a trainer. Randy was very professional and easy to get along with. He ran the course in a way that increased my knowledge and understanding. Very well done!

Kristen Seibert

Awesome instructor

Randy is a knowledgeable instructor. He keeps the class engaged and explains information in a way that anyone can understand. By far the best instructor I’ve ever had.

BobbieJo Lawrence

Great !

Randy kept it entertaining! He made sure to show you what was needed, he’d correct you if needed but did it in such a nice way ! If you tend to be an anxious person attending new things , I’d definitely recommend attending his class.

Angel DeLong

Fantastic Course

The course was easy to follow and extremely informative. What made the class so wonderful was the instructor. Randy made it fun as well as informative. Gave us great real life examples to take with us to help us when we are in the classroom teaching our students. I was very impressed with the whole process.

June Jennings

Thank you

Thank you. I learned so much.


Thank you. I learned

Thank you. I learned a lot.

Great Class!

Perfect class! Instructor gave exactly what was needed and was conscious of the time.

Chelsea Buskirk

BLS – April 2, 2022

Randy was the instructor for the course. He was excellent – knowledge, professional, engaging, encouraging. I recommend him highly.

The course ran smoothly, covered the required elements and didn’t drag on unnecessarily. It worked well for me, and, I will take it again, If available when I need it.

Joe Holcomb


The Instructor was easy to follow, knowledgeable, and did not mind answering all of our questions. Sometimes twice!

Halle M Turner

a fun-filled educational course

It was very professional, yet it was kept light.
Randy was very knowledgeable and patient with us

John Estemalik

Good course

Mr Fessler did an excellent job as instructor for this course 👍

William J Lyons

This course was presented very

This course was presented very well in an environment that was not overwhelming to myself, someone who is not entirely confident in these particular lifesaving situations. Our instructor, Randy, worked very hard to help us all feel
more at ease when being in these situations and even had us think outside the box, so if we are ever needed to perform lifesaving measures we know how to respond. I appreciate the manner in which he treated us and now feel more confident in myself.
Thank you!

Kristyn Petty

Excellent Course

This course was informative, as well as, gave experience in teaching. I am a lot more confident and comfortable in my ability to teach the First Aid/ CPR & AED. Randy gave time for questions and good feedback on our skill development. I will definitely recommend Pulse Provider for anyone hat is looking for an instructor course.

James Geesey

Meaningful and fun learning environment!

I decided to take the pediatric to adult first aid/ AED / CPR course and it was fun to learn. The online portion of the class was interactive and explained the procedures well, and Randy did an amazing job making the class fun and meaningful! I decided to take this class just because I wanted to learn about these procedures, and suggest others to do the same.

Alyssa Plumley

Best class I have ever

Best class I have ever taken!!! Randy was a great instructor. Super passionate, knowledgeable, & informative.

Beth Shumaker

Great Program

I thought it was a great training. It was fun and I learned a lot!

Christy Bennett

BLS/CPR with Randy

Randy was an excellent* instructor, he kept the class entertaining but informative. He shared stories of experiences and encouraged us to critically think when faced with suboptimal circumstances. He highlighted the importance of risk vs benefit in every scenario and I left feeling confident in my lifesaving skills. In 2 years I will look for him again as an instructor.

Natalie E Rohweder


Randy Feesler Was by far, the most phenomenal BLSCPR instructor I’ve ever had. His Professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to helping others was beyond inspiring.
He creates an environment that is fun While ensuring that we have the skills to properly be able to serve our community in a time of need whether on the job or off the job. I just hope that in two years when it’s time for me to renew he is available to be my instructor. Forever grateful for the education and exceptional experience thank you Randy!

Courtney Deeb

Confidence Booster!

I feel more confident than ever before to provide rescue breathing or CPR. This was the most thorough training I have received. Thank you Randy!

Karen Nagy

Great instructor and class

I feel fully prepared to administer BLS/CPR after attending Randy’s class.

Janet Rhoads

Fantastic course and instructor!

Randy was a phenomenal instructor. I took the Instructor course on 6/29, and could not be any happier with my purchase. Randy had a great teaching style, and really went into detail about the learning center and Red Cross teaching. 10/10.

Logan DiBell

Great Course

My CPR/First Aid/AED course with Randy was great. He had good stories to share and kept everyone in the class engauged. Would recommend this course and him as an instructor!

Adam Feinberg

Great class!

I really enjoyed this BLS class! I’ve taken classes before with other organizations but I feel like this was by far more educational. I may have grumbled about all the online lessons but now I have a far better understanding of BLS. Randy was a great in-person teacher with a great attitude and kept the class interested. I recommend him and this class to anyone doing their BLS.

Stephanie Snyder

I really enjoyed Randy’s course

I really enjoyed Randy’s course and instruction method. He presented information well and made it easy to understand. His review was concise and thorough and I left feeling confident in how to teach my own classes. I liked the feedback he provided all students and encourage others to enroll in his courses if they are able to.

He was very informative, kept

He was very informative, kept the class entertaining. Moved the class along at a speed everyone could benefit from. I would definitely get certified with him again!

Barbara Moritz

Basic Life Support

Learned a lot activities were helpful and Randy did a great job keeping the learners involved & engaged.

Talia Powell

I participated in an Instructor

I participated in an Instructor Candidate training program with Randy Fessler as the Instructor Trainer and I thought the class was top notch. Randy created a comfortable learning environment, used positive encouragement and a lot of humor to ease the tension and nerves that always comes with interacting with and in front of a group of strangers. I would highly recommend Randy and The Pulse Provider to anyone interested in furthering their CPR training.

Denise Tharp

Best Instructor Ever

Randy was the best instructor I have ever had for a CPR class. I have had classes for 13yrs and have never left a class ready, eager, and confident about performing first aid and/cpr. This class was so enjoyable and was given realistic scenarios so be able to handle as much as possible if in a situation that first and or cir and or add is needed. Randy also gave scenarios if you yourself was in need of help and what to do. His class is making me purchase an add for my home as well as a better first aid kit and not the little $2 ones you get from the traveling section in Walmart. If you ever need first aid and car training go nowhere but to The Pulse Provider/Randy you will not be disappointed.

ashley mclendon

Great class !

The class was awsome! Best CPR/AED course I have been through. Randy is a great and entertaining instructor.

Brian Logue


Randy wad very down to earth and real instructor. He used scenarios I never would of thought of to assist an individual with cpr and first aid. It’s great having a easy to talk and relate to instructor that actually cares about his students and their passion. Will definitely choose randy for any future courses that I may need to take or renewals.

Anthony D

A very skilled and knowledgeable professor!

Randy Feesler understands how to fluctuate between students and their individual strengths and weaknesses throughout the entire course and is able to focus on the specific needs of each student, for example always placing the breathing mask upside down! I also loved his point of view on being an EMT first responder and how emergency medicine and procedures should be able to fluctuate almost instantaneously to whatever situation is provided.

Vincent Ray Koren

Pulse Provider

Thank you for teaching the class! I feel more confident that I could perform first aid, CPR, or use an AED if necessary. The blended learning class was a great design for all types of learners and the in person class gave a hands on experience. Thank you!

Carrie Schneider

What a great experience

I think Randy did an awesome job. He wanted us to succeed and he made it fun and enjoyable.

Sheila Martin

Great Course and Class!

I took the combined Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED course with online and in person learning. I got so much out of both formats. The on line learning was so easy to navigate. I really felt that the material was presented in a way that helped the learner get so much out of the instruction. The class presented by Randy and his team was engaging, interactive, informative and super encouraging. This course left me feeling very confident in the knowledge and skills I need. Thank You!

Kathleen Knoblock

Very good class

This BLS class was very informative, educational and fun. Not stressful, but gave good practical information.

Susan Gamber

Great Teacher

The instructor did an excellent job teaching the material and weaving in different scenarios to make everything easy to learn and remember.

Dr. Anthony R Silvestro, Jr.

Great training

Randy did an excellent job teaching this course. The blended learning system has definitely improved CPR training as a whole, especially for individuals that have done it so many times.

Jacob Phlieger