We appreciate you choosing The Pulse Provider

The Pulse Provider has reserved a seat for you as promised by your completed payment and has fulfilled our obligation by being prepared to conduct the course.

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are enrolled in the correct class.
  2. Childcare is not provided. Please do not bring children to class. You will be asked to reschedule and the rescheduling policy applies.
  3. Based upon the discretion of The Pulse Provider management, you may reschedule your class one-time only without paying the full course fee again.
  4. We reserve the right to decline your rescheduled date request due to limited seating on that date.
  5. Rescheduled classes must be approved by the administration, as classes are limited to only 1 rescheduled class per student. Course rescheduling must be submitted to training@thepulseprovider.com  at least 2-business days prior to the class date.
  6. Classes begin promptly. Please arrive prior to course start time.
  7. If a student is late in excess of 15 minutes, they not will be able to attend the class or receive a refund.

If you do not show up, NO refund will be provided.

 Thank you for your understanding and for choosing The Pulse Provider for your American Red Cross course.