RANDY, After being in the Environmental Health and Safety field for over 16 years, I was pretty confident that I knew a lot to be able to instruct my company’s former and current employees in the things they needed to know to be safe and aware on the job……. then I came and took your class !! You instructed me on things that I wasn’t even aware I was doing that was hindering their progress. Example, prompting the class in certain areas, terminology, allowing the class to answer questions completely before I inform them if they are right or wrong . all things that I didn’t realize I was even doing . I knew I talked a little fast, but wasn’t aware how it affected the class and their understanding of the material until you set me on the straight and narrow. I greatly appreciate all the advice you gave in the courses. you have helped me so much in becoming a better instructor and teacher of the material. Tough, but fair and honest in the grading of my teaching abilities!! I will take all that into my classes in the future. Again, Thank you , you have made me a better instructor in my field. Thanks Ebby Phillips Safety Mgr – IGS Industries