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My instructors were knowledgeable, skilled, and amazing in the courses taught on becoming a ARC Instructor. Class didn’t feel like class! I met great people and Randy gave me all the positive criticism and compliments for me to feel confident in becoming a ARC Instructor. Will recommend!!!

Amazing Instructor

I’m a certified personal trainer and had to renew my CPR certification for my business, Tenacity Nation. I’m a very outgoing and social person; however, I was very nervous since some instructors are very serious in class and it makes you more nervous doing the class. Randy was awesome! He started out showing us a clip of a show that […]

Excellent Instructor

I could not think of a way how Randy could possibly provide a better class.

He was very prepared and informative, capturing my attention at the beginning with his fact that 1 in 7 who are certified will use their CPR training. He mastered the challenge of staying on task, while also being entertaining throughout the presentation. He went over various […]


The course was easy to follow and our instructor made certain we all were comfortable in teaching the knowledge he had taught us.
After completing this class , I am more confident in my skills as an instructor and look forward to teaching.


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