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The Pulse Provider believes that those who feel confident in Life-Saving skills, will be tomorrow’s heroes. It is our goal to offer quality and comprehensive courses that will train individuals and organizations to gain the knowledge needed to make a positive difference in any emergency situation


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Great instruction

Randy made a Saturday morning class worthwhile. Great information in a lively presentation. Mixed it up and kept our… Read more “Great instruction”

Deanna Wood
December 3, 2023

Great CPR/ AED/ First Aid Course

The instructor was very knowledgeable and very helpful. I would recommend this course to… Read more “Great CPR/ AED/ First Aid Course”

Kristen Griffin
November 5, 2023

Randy did a great job.

Randy did a great job. Not only was the class educational, but Randy kept us on our toes. It was very easy to pay attention and absorb the necessary information. We will definitely be attending for our next… Read more “Randy did a great job.”

Jessica Z
October 30, 2023

Informative and to the point

Instructor (Randy) was professional and to the point. Gave me confidence and the basic skills needed should a situation arise where someone may need help from a civilian. Reptation, practice, and onsite training provided was necessary to help cement the… Read more “Informative and to the point”

Michael Weber
October 25, 2023

Teacher training

Instructor was clear and meaningful in his instructions while moving at a reasonable pace. The class size supported individual… Read more “Teacher training”

Mellody A. Kaiser
October 24, 2023

Solid preparation for lifesaving skills

Training was great. Randy was fun yet professional and covered the material thoroughly. I enjoyed the hands on practice and feel more prepared than if I’d done the online training alone.… Read more “Solid preparation for lifesaving skills”

Alaina Hession
October 14, 2023

Amazing experience! I will be

Amazing experience! I will be recommending to everyone I… Read more “Amazing experience! I will be”

Stevie Switzer
October 12, 2023

Highly Recommend!

Randy made the renewal BLS class fun and stress free! He added his own personal experiences to the discussion which made the class interesting and realistic. You could feel the anxiety in the room completely dissipate with his encouraging words and laid-back teaching style. I will definitely enroll in his class next… Read more “Highly Recommend!”

Vikki Dunn
October 9, 2023


I thought Randy was an extremely efficient and very organized teacher. Being allowed to practice the different scenarios with a group of four was such a help. We got to rotate positions every single time. This really reinforced what it would be like in real… Read more “Pharmacist”

Julie Youngblood
October 7, 2023


I think Randy was great as an instructor! He kept everyone engaged and on time! I’d definitely recommend taking a class with… Read more “Randy”

Tanya Szajko
October 7, 2023