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The Pulse Provider believes that those who feel confident in Life-Saving skills, will be tomorrow’s heroes. It is our goal to offer quality and comprehensive courses that will train individuals and organizations to gain the knowledge needed to make a positive difference in any emergency situation


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The Pulse!!!!

This is my second time using the Pulse, I don’t know if you can make it any easier, I sign up online do the class & head to test out!!!!!! You make my life easy!!! Thank you… Read more “The Pulse!!!!”

September 29, 2023

CPR Instructor Course Review

Great class- it was fun and informational and really gave me confidence to do this and do it… Read more “CPR Instructor Course Review”

Kaleigh Plato
September 25, 2023

Randy was an amazing instructor.

Randy was an amazing instructor. He kept it light yet… Read more “Randy was an amazing instructor.”

Anushka Savant
September 18, 2023

Worth the intensity

Our instructor, Randy, was very knowledgeable, passionate and intense about the material…as he should be. Being put on the spot to instruct is probably nothing compared to the real life situation that may be awaiting many of us. Teaching a bunch of individuals who may not take it as serious as some of us do, Randy help make sure we… Read more “Worth the intensity”

Laura Mount
September 7, 2023

What a great day!

I really enjoyed myself at the instructor course! It was informative, constructive and great paced. Randy was amazing! He ensured that the course was fun, educational and that I was equipped with all the necessary instructions to be a great… Read more “What a great day!”

Jacquaila Yancey
August 25, 2023

Excellent class, instructor was helpful,

Excellent class, instructor was helpful, interactive and engaged. I would renew with this organization in the… Read more “Excellent class, instructor was helpful,”

Dishon Kamwesa
August 14, 2023

CPR training hands on and concise

Excellent in class conclusion to the online Adult First Aid /CPR/ AED training. More than enough equipment provided for students, no one had to wait Very confident and knowledgeable instructor. Kept class moving, provided good… Read more “CPR training hands on and concise”

Tim Hartswick
August 13, 2023

Well done

This was my second time getting my recertification with PulseProvider and was not disappointed. Our instructor created scenarios that were realistic in urgency. Helped me to organize my critical thinking. I’m certain if the need arises for me to help someone I will be prepared to do my best. Thank… Read more “Well done”

Tracy J Kendall
August 13, 2023

Great class!

Antonia Caver
August 5, 2023